Coming Soon from Trope

Trope Publishing Co. has three new releases hitting bookshelves in the coming months. Two introduce new names to our Emerging Photographer series – Tobi Shinobi: Equilibrium and Eren Sarigul: Across Japan. The third, In the Arena, blends history and photography for a fresh look at presidential campaigns. All three books are now available for pre-order.

Tobi Shinobi Trope

Releasing May 2021

Tobi Shinobi: Equilibrium

Award-winning photographer Tobi Shonibare – Tobi Shinobi to his followers – pushes the boundaries of symmetry and balance in his first book, Equilibrium. From his native London to his current Chicago home, and in far-flung locales around the world, Tobi’s photographs explore and deconstruct architecture and nature until they appear as optical illusions. 


Eren Sarigul Trope

Releasing June 2021

Eren Sarigul: Across Japan

In Across Japan, photographer Eren Sarigul takes us on a wide-eyed journey through the beautiful country that has fascinated him since he was a boy in south London. Born into a family with deep roots in Istanbul, Eren grew up bilingual and frequently visited relatives in Turkey. But it was the Japanese exchange students his family hosted that planted a dream of one day traveling much farther east. 


Tom Maday Trope In the Arena

Releasing June 2021

In the Arena

In the Arena profiles 34 American leaders who captured their party’s nomination for the presidency, but never reached the Oval Office. Photos of monuments and other memorials accompany each subject, along with campaign memorabilia, illustrating the legacy many of these candidates left behind after relinquishing their dreams of serving as President of the United States. Foreword by 1988 candidate Michael Dukakis.