Don't Let Go of the Camera

Don't Let Go of the Camera

To celebrate the release of our latest City Edition, Trope Tokyo, we’re bringing you in-depth interviews with the talented Trope photographers, each offering unique insight into their craft.

Born in Yokohama, now based in Tokyo, Yoshiro Ishii (@446i) started shooting video when he was studying movies, but later shifted his focus to photography. He initially took photos of the  city’s architecture, but this developed into a fascination for the people who live in the city. Tokyo inspires Yoshiro and drives him to capture its unique spirit where modern boldness merges with tradition and order. It’s this perspective that shapes Yoshiro’s work today. His photographs are featured in the forthcoming Trope Tokyo City Edition.

About 10 years ago, I was studying movies. I then moved from video to photography. I use a Canon 5D3, Leica M10 and my iPhone. The iPhone can be put in a place where the camera cannot usually go, so what can be taken will be different from a camera. I’ll use Lightroom to edit these photos, or Photoshop on occasion.

I like Tokyo; it’s a city with many people. My interest has grown from the city itself to the people who live in the city. My photography style is street photography, and I often find inspiration from movies, music, and work from great photographers.

Social media is great to connect with people around the world. I get to take pictures of  Japan I have never seen before and show them to people all over the world. From there, I want people who see my photography to feel free to do so and make their own feelings, so I don't have to. 

Photography has taught me the importance of friends, family, and those around us. If I could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it’d be to not let go of the camera at any time.