Introducing Eren Sarigul: Across Japan

Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co

Releasing June 2021

Eren Sarigul: Across Japan

In Across Japan, photographer Eren Sarigul takes us on a wide-eyed journey through the beautiful country that has fascinated him since he was a boy in south London. Born into a family with deep roots in Istanbul, Eren grew up bilingual and frequently visited relatives in Turkey. But it was the Japanese exchange students his family hosted that planted a dream of one day traveling much farther east. 

Across Japan is the seventh book in Trope’s Emerging Photographer Series, celebrating the work of young and emerging photographers from around the world.


Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co

About the Photographer

Eren Sarigul (@erenjam)

Eren Sarigul is a native Londoner with roots in Istanbul, Turkey. He specializes in travel, lifestyle and city photography. His photographs have gained him international attention, from inclusion in publications with MENDO (Amsterdam) and Trope (Chicago) to working with major global brands like Fujifilm, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co