Introducing Tobi Shinobi: Equilibrium

Tobi Shinobi, Trope Publishing Co

Releasing May 2021

Tobi Shinobi: Equilibrium

Award-winning photographer Tobi Shonibare – Tobi Shinobi to his followers – pushes the boundaries of symmetry and balance in his first book, Equilibrium. From his native London to his current Chicago home, and in far-flung locales around the world, Tobi's photographs explore and deconstruct architecture and nature until they appear as optical illusions. 

Equilibrium is the sixth book in Trope's Emerging Photographer Series, celebrating the work of young and emerging photographers from around the world. 


Tobi Shinobi, Trope Publishing Co

About the Photographer

Tobi Shinobi (@tobishinobi)

Tobi Shinobi is an award-winning photographer and videographer based in Chicago and in his native London. Tobi's work has a wide range, but he is perhaps best-known for his work on social media. More than 172,000 followers appreciate Tobi's distinctive style of street photography, his relentless focus on perspective, symmetry and geometry. 

Tobi's work has garnered him an international reputation. He has worked with global brands such as Audi, Apple, Coach and Samsung and given talks for Adobe, Apple and Sony both in Europe and in the US. Sony tapped Tobi as a Global Imaging Ambassador; he also serves as an ambassador for photography-world brands Sigma, Gitzo, AdoramaPix and 500px. An early adopter of Instagram, his passion for visual storytelling was profiled in the 2016 short documentary I Take Pictures, which went on to win multiple film-festival accolades.

Tobi Shinobi, Trope Publishing Co