Japan is Where My Photography Journey Started

Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co

Happy Pub Day to Emerging Photographer Eren Sarigul! Eren's debut solo book, Across Japan is now available in the US. In Across Japan, Eren takes us on a wide-eyed journey through the beautiful country that has fascinated him since he was a boy in south London. Born into a family with deep roots in Istanbul, Eren grew up bilingual and frequently visited relatives in Turkey. But it was the Japanese exchange students his family hosted that planted a dream of one day traveling much farther east. 

Across Japan is the seventh book in Trope's Emerging Photographers Series, celebrating the work of young and emerging photographers from around the world. 

The Making of Across Japan

Check out the latest video on Eren Sarigul's YouTube channel where he takes us behind the scenes of the making of Across Japan - cities featured, the publishing process and inspiration for his first solo book.

"I took my first photos in Japan. It only made sense that my first book was about this country." -Eren Sarigul

Trope Stories, Trope Publishing Co

Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co

Coming Soon

Trope Stories: Eren Sarigul 

Eren Sarigul and host Terry Maday filmed Trope Stories via Zoom to discuss Eren's new book. Tobi Shinobi and host Terry Maday filmed Trope Stories' first in-person discussion at Trope HQ in Chicago. While you wait, catch up other episodes of Trope Stories featuring emerging photographers Ope Odueyungbo, Chris Holmes, Vivien Liu, Lucy Hamidzadeh, Ron Timehin and Tobi Shinobi. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts