Photography Has Helped Me Grow Physically and Mentally

Photography Has Helped Me Grow Physically and Mentally

Get to know the talented Trope photographers through in-depth interviews, each offering unique insight into their craft. 

Yuto Yamada (@tokio_kid) was born and raised in Tokyo but moved to Berlin six years ago, where he started shooting as a way to share the Berlin landscape with family and friends. Yuto’s style of photography mixes elements of cityscapes, particularly at night, abandoned structures, landscapes and portrait photography to create a wide-ranging portfolio. He also incorporates his skills as a graphic designer for editing his photography which helps him create a unique image of his vision. His photographs are featured in the forthcoming Trope Tokyo City Edition.

Prior to photography, I was studying and working as a graphic designer. However, I made a career switch and have been working as a freelance photographer and videographer for a few years now.

The switch to photography started after I moved from Tokyo to Berlin six years ago... I was shooting images of the Berlin landscape to share with my family and friends. As I was perfecting my skills, I learned to look at light and my surroundings more carefully. 

The style of my images is mainly street photography... I’m drawn to skyscrapers, neon signs and people’s vibrancy. I especially like to shoot these moments at sunset. I’m inspired by sharing the moments that I capture, and right now I’m enjoying shooting the beauty and four seasons of Japan.  

As I take photos, I can’t help but think about what has inspired me to get to the camera - whether it’s movies I’ve seen, music videos I’ve watched, Manga comics or games I’ve played, I’ve fully carried with me these influences into my photography, which has helped me grow both physically and mentally.