Black Lives Matter: Protests in Chicago and London

In the midst of a pandemic and sheltering at home, we are witness to the historic worldwide response to the death of George Floyd and other Americans, along with the injustice of racism in our society. People have taken to the streets – out of frustration, for justice and for change. 

In our June issue of Trope Digest, we have included some images of these unprecedented responses from London and Chicago, by photographers Ron Timehin and Graham Chapman, along with a video from Tobi Shinobi taken on the morning of May 31. The visuals that have emerged over the past few weeks are powerful, and we’re honored to share them.


Protests in London by Ron Timehin @rontimehin 

Ron TimehinRon TimehinRon TimehinRon TimehinRon Timehin


Protests in Chicago by Graham Chapman @gh_chapman

Graham ChapmanGraham ChapmanGraham ChapmanGraham ChapmanGraham Chapman


The Calm After the Storm by Tobi Shinobi @tobishinobi

6:00AM  –  In the early hours of May 31st, the morning after downtown Chicago’s riots protesting the violence against George Floyd, photographer Tobi Shinobi ventured out to capture the aftermath. Largely unnarrated, Tobi’s video blog portrays “the calm after the storm”: a beautiful blue-sky morning, eerily quiet save for the alarms of the city’s drawbridges suspended in air, and picture-perfect save for the burnt-out cars and broken storefronts.


Ron Timehin is a London based photographer whose work appears in Trope London and London Fog, a solo collection of his work in London. Read his interview here.

Graham Chapman is a Chicago based photographer and video editor. He has contributed to the book, Trope Chicago. Read his interview here.

Tobi Shinobi is a London photographer, living in Chicago. His first book for Trope will be released in Winter 2020