The Blue Ridge Collection

The Blue Ridge Collection

An all-new print collection from Mike Poggioli features the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Taken over the last year, Mike's images capture the rolling hills, majestic sunsets, calming streams and waterfalls near Asheville, North Carolina. Mike emphasizes warm tones in his editing process to create these picturesque scenes. We've selected some of our favorites below — or shop the full collection!

Blue Ridge Collection, Trope Publishing Co

About the Artist

Mike Poggioli’s interest in photography began at age 10, when his parents bought him a cheap camera. He came to see it as a serious creative outlet much later, when he moved to Chicago in 2015 and became enamored with the beauty and stature of the city’s architecture and cityscape. He was particularly drawn to the L trains, experiencing every ride through The Loop, Chicago’s downtown center, as a complimentary architecture tour.

Fascinated by the movement, structures, and skyline of his new city, he was inspired to explore and capture the vibrant scenes and unique moments he encountered. He likes to experiment with color, giving his photos pops of orange and dark blue, and is always looking for new ways to play with leading lines, harsh light and shadows, and depth in his compositions.

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Mike Poggioli, Trope Publishing Co