The Latest Volume from Trope City Edition

The Latest Volume from Trope City Edition

We're excited to announce the US release of our 4th volume in the City Edition series - Trope Tokyo. This edition celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of this dynamic metropolis fusing the ancient and the ultramodern. The collection highlights the photographic images of emerging and independent photographers from Tokyo and beyond, who through their passion for the craft, creative development, and social media smarts have attracted impressive followings on Instagram. Read through some of our artists' inspirations from shooting in this city, and make sure to add Trope Tokyo to your City Edition collection

Yusuke Komatsu @yskkmt2

I started taking photos of Tokyo because I didn’t know much about the city. Although I was born in Tokyo, I moved to Hong Kong when I was a kid. I came back to Tokyo after I graduated university in Australia. I wanted to know more about Tokyo, as I am Tokyo-born Japanese. I think Tokyo is a really unique city and an interesting place for street photography.

Shōgo Misawa @nbwpic

My favorite part of shooting in Tokyo is the constantly evolving cityscape and people. Tokyo attracts people from all over the country and from all over the world. It's the newest city in Japan. I look for the old and the new in Tokyo, and I like to capture them. My motivation is to photograph spaces that never stop, and to capture the lives and spaces of the people who come and go in these places.

Vivien Liu @vdubl

The main difference between shooting in Tokyo and shooting in Hong Kong is that Tokyo is completely flat, while Hong Kong is known for its mountainous topography and being a forest of skyscrapers. Tokyo also has huge expanses of urban areas, while Hong Kong has country parks and nature dispersed throughout, creating a patchwork of urban and rural areas. Japan’s amazing culture that is embedded in every aspect of life. The colours, lights and graphics around the city create an intense visual experience that mixes the futuristic with tradition into a sci-fi-like environment.