The Monochrome Collection

The Monochrome Collection

Enjoy this unforgettable new print collection featuring 16 images from celebrated photographer Peter Dazeley's upcoming release, Monochrome.

These distinctively rich and luminous platinum images of various plants, animals, and flowers each have great shadow detail and warmth that can elevate any room,  and make the perfect gift for the photography, art, or nature lover.



Peter Dazeley’s career spans over 60 years, beginning at a studio in Fleet Street, London. His time at Holland Park School introduced him to photography and despite leaving without any formal qualifications due to his dyslexia, Peter made a career for himself using his disorder as a superpower. He believes it gives him the ability to see the world differently, and perhaps he is right.

Peter Dazeley’s meticulous planning and imaginative problem solving helps him make the ordinary look extraordinary, just as the prints featured in this collection. With his superpower, he has pioneered many photographic techniques and is taking photography back to its origins one platinum print at a time.

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