Trope’s Emerging Photographers London Live TV debut

Trope’s Emerging Photographers London Live TV debut

We are delighted to share a Trope London TV debut! London Emerging Photographers, Lucy Hamidzadeh, Ope Odueyungbo and Ron Timehin appeared in a London Live TV studio session interview with presenter Tanya Francis.

It was a first TV appearance for each artist, so of course, pre-interview Green Room nerves were a little high. But once mic’d up, excitement kicked in and once the three were seated on the studio sofa, the photographers took to the interview as we knew they would ‘cool, calm and collected’.

Presenter Tanja Francis spoke to the Lucy, Ope and Ron to find out how it felt for them to see their work printed, the inspiration behind their individual photographic styles and what they think makes a good photograph. A trailer of ‘One Frame’ by director Terry Maday documenting the artists going about London played in the background during the interview. 

Check out the full interview here:

Speaking after their debut, Lucy Hamidzadeh said, “Can you believe we just did that? It went so quickly! Can we do it again? It made me so happy to be sat in a studio on a sofa between Ron and Ope and to share more of this journey with the guys. I hope we did good. I feel so excited, honoured and so proud of what we have all achieved personally and creatively, thanks to everyone at Trope. To be able to share our creativity with the world and hopefully inspire others is such an incredible feeling”.

Lucy Hamidzadeh, Ope Odueyungbo and Ron Timehin are our first Three London photographers to have their solo books published in the new series by Trope, celebrating emerging artists from around the world. Their books are out now and available to order via our online shop.