Trope Stories: Eren Sarigul

Trope Stories: Eren Sarigul

South London-based photographer Eren Sarigul shares with us his journey as a photographer, how travel has influenced his work, and the inspiration behind his debut book, Across Japan, from Trope's "Emerging Photographer" series. 

Born into a family with deep roots in Istanbul, Eren grew up bilingual and frequently visited relatives in Turkey. But it was the Japanese exchange students his family hosted that planted a dream of one day traveling much farther east. His passion for photography began in 2015 with his first visit to Japan, where he instantly fell in love with the country’s geography, cultures, and people. He continued to shoot upon his return home, forever seeing his life in London through a new lens.  


Across Japan documents Eren Sarigul's travels from the streets of Tokyo, to the enchanted forests of Yakushima, to the mountains of Nagano and back again. His lifelong love affair with Japan’s geography, its cultures, and its people are evident on every page.

Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co


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