Trope Stories: Ron Timehin

Trope Stories: Ron Timehin

Bromley photographer Ron Timehin discusses his fascination with the dense London fog as seen in his solo book from Trope's Emerging Photographer series, London Fog, his experience documenting the Black Lives Matter movement, and much more.  

While a student at the University of Gloucestershire, Ron studied music and explored the world with classmates as a trumpeter, often forgetting the places he encountered until he began capturing them on his phone. Since uncovering this talent, Ron’s passion for photography has grown tremendously, helping him garner a large following. His natural ability to tell a story through the lens of a camera has allowed him to share his experience in the field with others and his distinctive technique.  


London Fog is a compilation of spectacular images that capture the moody, atmospheric side of London architecture and street life seen through the lens of Ron Timehin, and influenced by his music.


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