LGBTQ+ Icons

From music to movies, literature to dance – the arts have always been influenced by the work of people in the LGBTQ community. The first book in the People Series, LGBTQ+ Icons, spotlights the history and contributions of 50 pioneering artists who lived and worked around the world.

Bold, whimsical illustrations by David Lee Csicsko and concise bios from historian Owen Keehnen celebrate a diverse group of artists, from LGBTQ icons James Baldwin, Frida Kahlo, and Freddie Mercury to lesser-known colorful characters like vaudeville performer Ada “Bricktop” Smith, the toast of 1920s Paris café society who opened a queer friendly club where all were welcomed, and Australian dandy Leigh Bowery, whose unapologetic flamboyance influenced an entire generation of fashion designers. LGBTQ+ Icons is an entertaining exploration of a part of history most people don’t know is even missing. It will inspire readers young and old to be confident in who they are, and to take pride in their own creativity. Produced with premium materials, this book is a must-read for Pride month and a perfect collectible year-round.

Science is for Everyone!

Science People celebrates the diversity of the scientific community around the world. More than 50 profiles introduce readers to trailblazers in botany, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, and a host of other STEM fields. The second book in the People series, Science People is available now.

Science People by David Lee Csicsko celebrate a diverse group of scientists, from around the world and all eras of history. Classic figures like Galileo and Marie Curie are included alongside scientists and activists working in the field right now – like Dr. Gail Baccus-Taylor, a Trinidadian food technologist who has contributed enormously to our understanding of foodborne pathogens, or Dr. Phillip Alviola, a bat virologist from the Philippines on the cutting edge of coronavirus research.

From astronomers to zoologists, Science People highlights explorers in a wide range of fields – representing a multicultural mix of genders, races, and nationalities, in all walks of life – showing that science is for everyone. It will inspire readers young and old to ask their own questions about the world around them.

Honoring the world’s most gifted composers

Iconic Composers highlights the origin and contributions of some of the world’s most remarkable and gifted composers throughout history.

Bold, whimsical illustrations by David Lee Csicsko along with concise, engaging bios by Nicholas Csicsko and Emi Ferguson celebrate a diverse group of composers from the past 1000 years. Iconic Composers features historical giants of music like Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven alongside 20th-century composers such as Astor Piazzolla and Meredith Monk. Showcasing the true range of classical music history not typically acknowledged – exhibiting a wide number of genders, races, and nationalities – Iconic Composers celebrates 50 composers who have influenced the field of music and collectively broadened its scope.

Science People Poster
LGBTQ+ Icons Poster

Put Your Heroes on Display!

Inspire your inner scientist and honor the contributions of the LGBTQ+ arts community with these bold, graphic posters featuring the artwork from LGBTQ+ Icons and Science People.

The Saints Collection

This colorful collection includes portraits of St. Joan of Arc, St. Gertrude, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Peter, and St. Arnold. Explore this limited Trope Edition Series and get to know David’s bold and whimsical work.

During his 30-year career, David has engaged in a wide variety of projects at nearly every scale, from private commissions to holiday designs for the White House. His designs are based on his interest in American folk art: needlework, quilts, weathervanes, eagles and birds. You can see these influences on his work in his upcoming print collections and books.

We are extremely excited to add David Lee Csicsko to our Trope community of artists!

David Lee Csicsko

David Lee Csicsko's distinctive artwork, stained glass, and mosaics beautify train stations, hospitals, churches, and universities across the Midwest and East Coast. His many credits include designing the Obamas’ White House Christmas in 2012. David’s lively illustrations can also be seen in The Skin You Live In from the Chicago Children’s Museum, now in its 16th printing. Through his use of color, bold graphics and playful patterns, David Lee Csicsko celebrates the richness and diversity of life. Learn more about David’s story here.

See more of his work in The Saints Collection.

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