Small World

Small World spotlights photographer Steve Rolfe, whose tiny scenes echo real life at an impossible scale. Sometimes witty, sometimes earnest, Rolfe’s work opens up a world within a world and reminds us that we're all part of something larger than ourselves.

Small World is perfect for anyone who loves small-scale art, or just appreciates a new perspective on life. Even life’s serious moments are more fun in miniature!

Steve Rolfe

Steve came to photography in mid-life, after a career in the UK’s civil service. A chance encounter with a book of street photography led him to pick up his wife’s camera and begin shooting the world around him. What began as a hobby to help explore his creative side outside of office work eventually became a full-time career.

Steve’s unique imagery is inspired by life. He has a keen eye for finding something unusual in the mundane. Sometimes witty, sometimes earnest, Steve’s images invite us to take a new look at the things around us—from a puddle on the sidewalk, to the discarded fast food container, to a half-eaten candy bar.