Alex Cockwill

Alex Cockwill is a photographer based in Surrey, outside of London. He describes his journey into photography as a meandering path that began with simple holiday snaps, expanded to outdoor landscapes and city shots, and then evolved to his current mix of street and architecture scenes. He feels most at home shooting in urban environments, where there is a contrasting mix of contemporary and brutalist architecture.

A recent graduate in mechanical engineering, Alex’s work reflects his passion for technology and intuitive design with bold contrasts, dynamic colors, and geometry. His focus on urban photography took shape during his first year of university; during trips to London with his camera, he was inspired by the mix of architecture, vibrant culture and iconic transport system.

Instagram: @alex_cockwill

Alex’s Prints

“Recently, I’ve been asking myself ‘what does this evoke to me?’. I believe not every photo has to have a deep story to it . . . it is more about the emotions experienced when pressing the shutter button that define whether a shot is impactful to me or not.”


Alex’s Books

Alex's work is featured in the award-winning Trope London, the second volume in the Trope City Editions series, showcasing the moody romanticism and striking modernism of contemporary London.

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