Sean Byrne

Sean Byrne’s fascination with photography first took hold through his Instagram account. Captivated by the artists he discovered, he taught himself along the way, combining what he was learning about photography with his love for travel and the outdoors. Sean has collaborated with global brands including National Geographic, Waitrose, Travel Alberta, The London Helicopter Company, Swiss Air, Iceland Air, Austria Tourism, Enterprise, Sony Xperia and many more.

Instagram: @byrnephotography

Sean’s Prints

“Since my start in 2012, photography has enhanced and fueled my love for travel and the outdoors. I’m in my element when I’m able to combine the three, visiting places I’ve never been, immersed in nature, and shooting my photos, be it in the UK or around the world.”

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Sean’s Books

Sean's work is featured in the award-winning Trope London, the second volume in the Trope City Editions series, celebrating the meeting of traditional and modern architecture that colors every view of the city.