Five Minutes with John Regole

Five Minutes with John Regole

John Regole is a Chicago based design engineer and self professed hobbyist photographer. John talks to Trope Publishing about his approach to photography and what inspires him to shoot. His work appears in the Trope Chicago Edition.

I took a photography class in high school to fill a schedule. I shot on film for one semester and then eight years later, I picked up a DSLR.

I shoot with with a Nikon D810. I also use my iPhone on occasion, but It doesn’t change the way I capture a moment.​ My approach is to capture a point in time using what’s available to me. I look for unique compositions and use light to my advantage. I enjoy capturing moments that come and go before you know it.

stay inspired by trying to perfect my craft. I use walking around taking photos as an excuse to explore new areas. I’ve broadened my horizons by taking the ‘scenic’ route when out and about. The variety of scenery and the diverse group of people who occupy it inspires me to shoot in Chicago. Almost every single time I walk the streets of Chicago, I get approached by random people that are curious as to what I’m doing. I truly enjoy interacting with random people on a daily basis.

Getting started, I was definitely influenced by what was ‘trendy’ on IG, but I like to think I’ve outgrown catering to the masses. Used properly, I think filters are OK. I have an issue with people who use them as a crutch. I personally edit in Lightroom and treat every photo I take differently.

Getting paid to travel would be ideal. I have the whole traveling thing down, now I just need to find someone to pay me for it.