Tobi Shinobi

From his native London to his current Chicago home, and in far-flung locales around the world, the images of award-winning photographer Tobi Shonibare – Tobi Shinobi to his followers – explore and deconstruct architecture and nature until they appear as optical illusions. With an appreciation for distinctive cityscapes, Tobi has developed his own style of street photography, finding beauty in the often gritty streets. More than 174,000 followers on Instagram experience Tobi’s obsessive attention to detail and fascination with the geometry of our world.

Drawn to symmetry and architecture, Tobi’s vertigo-inducing perspectives turn familiar vistas into abstractions, reality into a fantasyland of line and shape. He works extensively with Sony and Adobe, and has landed commissions with Audi, Apple, Coach and other global brands. Now in Chicago, Tobi works for TikTok and as a commercial photographer and videographer.

Instagram: @tobishinobi

Tobi’s Prints

“Chicago is my second home and a place that, much like myself, is often misunderstood. It has its scars and issues but it also has pretty parts and a lot of heart. It has a certain perception for those that haven’t taken the time to know more and I again can relate to that. From having all four seasons in a day to its iconic skyline, it is a place like no other.”

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Tobi’s Books

Tobi's book Equilibrium is the sixth installment in Trope's Emerging Photographers series, introducing readers to his dizzying perspectives and stunning symmetry. His work is also featured in the award-winning Trope London, the second volume in the Trope City Editions series.