Introducing: Trope Mobile Edition

Introducing: Trope Mobile Edition

Releasing September 2021

Trope Mobile Edition Series

Trope Publishing Co.'s new Mobile Edition Series identifies fine art photographers shooting in a new way, using mobile devices as their primary tool to capture images, in a category still defining itself. Among the millions of images posted to social media every day, the work of these photographers stands out for its discipline and mastery. Books are available for pre-order now. 


Meet the Photographers

Cocu Liu, Trope Publishing Co

Cocu Liu was born and raised in Beijing, has lived in Chicago, Hong Kong, and currently resides in San Francisco. As a product designer at Uber, he designs data-driven maps and crafts data visualization tools for the self-driving car team. A self-described “smartphone photographer,” Cocu is fascinated by urban landscapes and believes that “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” He started shooting as a teenager with a Canon 35mm but shifted to his iPhone in 2012, impressed with its compact size and ease of use.

Neal Kumar, Trope Publishing Co

Neal Kumar is a photographer, doctor, and entrepreneur originally from North Carolina, now based in Boston. Neal’s photography frequently features city and neighborhood scenes from his many travels, showcasing the charms and personality unique to each location. He often finds himself taking photos in these historic neighborhoods without a plan or even a specific destination, happily getting lost as he wanders and admires the streets and residences.

Jess Angell, Trope Publishing Co

Jess Angell studied photography in school, but when she bought an iPhone and discovered Instagram, she fell in love with photography all over again. She began shooting the London Underground in 2011, drawn to its look, feel, and history and inspired to capture its distinctive spaces and architecture. She finds new ways of seeing the Underground, unearthing magical details, patterns and lines that others often overlook.