Just Released ~ Space Becomes You – A Mythology Art Book

Just Released ~ Space Becomes You – A Mythology Art Book

The Belief System for Non-Believers: Someoddpilot’s Space Becomes You Is the Radical New Cult You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Space Becomes You—A Mythology is a 288-page narrative art book replete with surreal intergalactic landscapes, psychedelic rituals, and curious beings. Inspired by the quick and intense rise of political and cultural tribalism in the U.S., and Someoddpilot’s own practice of brand creation and world-building, the studio dove into an examination of mythology by constructing their own myth.

Space Becomes You is a story born out of the brands that we consume, the gods we create, and the shared languages that mediate these forces. It’s a psychedelic trip that examines the big questions myths are based on—who are you and why are you here?

“With ‘Space Becomes You,’ we built the ultimate mythology—not to sell anything to anyone, but to unify humanity. No small task! Especially at this moment, when we’ve been divided by the rise of cultural and political tribalism. We waste a lot of time debating the minutia, but from the planet’s perspective, we’re all one. That’s what ‘Our Open Hearts Shall Change The World And Us’ is all about. Space Becomes You, You Are Space. That’s it.” Chris Eichenseer, Founder of Some Odd Pilot

Format: Hardback 
Size: 8 ⅜ x 10 ⅞ in. 
Pages: 288 pp 
Images: 284 photos & illustrations 
ISBN: 9781732061866