Mobile Photography: A Category Still Defining Itself

Happy Pub Day to the Trope Mobile Edition Series! The series identifies fine art photographers shooting in a new way, using mobile devices as their primary tool. These three artists push the boundaries of what mobile photography can do, each in their own way. Together, they draw over 275,000 Instagram followers with their fresh points of view. 

Now available in the US for $19.99 each OR bundle all 3 for $48!

Trope Mobile Edition, Trope Publishing Co

As Seen on Digital Camera World

The Mobile Edition Series was featured on Digital Camera World, a website and publication for digital photography. The article is trending on the Digital Camera World home page and discusses the new series in anticipation for US Publication Day. Read the full article here

Trope Mobile Edition, Trope Publishing Co

Meet the Artists

Cocu Liu (Vol. 1) is a Beijing native who has won multiple international photography awards and been featured by Apple.

Neal Kumar (Vol. 2), a doctor by trade, also leads photography talks and trips and shoots for clients such as Marriot and Gucci.

Jess Angell (Vol. 3), an early adopter of Instagram, is widely known on social media as Miss Underground for her unique perspectives of the London Underground.

Trope Mobile Edition, Trope Publishing Co