Emerging Photographers Week

Emerging Photographers Week

This week we are celebrating the Trope Emerging Photographers Series and its photographers: Lucy Hamidzadeh, Ope Odueyungbo, Ron Timehin, Vivien Liu, Chris Holmes, Tobi Shinobi and Eren Sarigul. Keep an eye on our social media all week long to learn about the artists, see their books, prints and podcasts, and score exclusive follower discounts and giveaways.

Meet the Photographers

Lucy Hamidzadeh is a London street photographer whose distinctive approach captures the energy of city life.

Lucy Hamidzadeh, Trope Publishing Co

Ope Odueyungbo is a South London photographer engaged in the exploration of lines, angles, light, and perspective, and the illumination of the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Ope Odueyungbo, Trope Publishing Co

Ron Timehin is a South London photographer and best known for his atmospheric architecture and travel images.

Ron Timehin, Trope Publishing Co

Vivien Liu has a passion for photographing the vibrant cityscape of her native Hong Kong and around the world.

Vivien Liu, Trope Publishing Co

Chris Holmes is a UK photographer specializing in street-level urban photography.

Chris Holmes, Trope Publishing Co

Tobi Shinobi was born in London, currently lives in Chicago and is a former lawyer turned photographer and content creator.

Tobi Shinobi, Trope Publishing Co

Eren Sarigul is a photographer and filmmaker specializing in travel, lifestyle and city photography.

Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co

Shop the Series

Fill your shelves with books from the Emerging Photographers Series at a 20% discount, this week only! Mix and match, or bundle the series and automatically receive 20% off on all of them, no code needed.

Lucy Hamidzadeh, Unfinished Stories LUCY20
Ope Odueyungbo, Parallel Lines OPE20
Ron Timehin, London Fog RON20
Chris Holmes, Hidden in Chaos CHRIS20
Vivien Liu, Being There VIVIEN20
Tobi Shinobi, Equilibrium TOBI20
Eren Sarigul, Across Japan EREN20

Enter to Win

Head over to the Trope Instagram for a chance to win your own Emerging Photographers Bundle, including all 7 books from the series!

Emerging Photographers Series, Trope Publishing Co